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Formula One – 1985 – CRL


1 to 6 players each controlling a 1 or 2 car Formula One team compete in this full simulation of a Grand Prix racing season. Before each of the 16 races, you must invest you sponsors’ money in improving your drivers, cars and pit crew.

Your object is to win the Drivers Championship or the Constructors Championship . . . . or both!
A full record of each track’s history is displayed before the race, along with a weather forecast helping you to choose your tyres.

" A scene from the race"

While each race is being run on the screen, information is displayed by a constant commentary and full scoreboard. Unforeseen circumstances, such as crashes and changes

in weather will mean cars must be called into the pits. Each player has to control his own crew during these pit stops.

A great Strategy/Management game.

Written By G.P. Munday and B.P. Wheelhouse.

Taken from the original instructions.


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