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Frank N Stein – 1984 – PSS


Have you got what it takes to build your very own monster?

THE SETTING: Professor F.N.Stein’s laboratory in his Castle in the Black Forest.

THE TIME: 1884

THE GAME: 50 Screens requiring timing, logic and planning to complete.

THE OPPOSITION: Too many to list here, but featuring: snails, bats, ice (it makes you slip!), firemen’s poles, man-eating pumpkins, spiders, slime (it slows you down), caterpillars, tanks, spring, light bulbs (they electrocute you), mice, lobsters, snakes, bumble bees, jack-in-the-box, etc.

THE OBJECT: As you know, all the best monsters are hand built. Prof. Stein’s life-long ambition has always been to build his own monster – but first he needs all the bits!
You guide him around the dungeon picking up the bones – make sure you get the right order – then activate him by throwing the switch – the longer you take to complete

each screen the higher will be the charge you give him – and the angrier he will become – so watch out!

Written by Colin Stewart

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