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The game Knightlore is set in a dark castle where you, the sabreman have to rid yourself from the curse of the werewolf. The only way to do this is to find 6 objects and drop them into the wizard`s cauldron to create a remedy. The games gimmic, and arguably it`s selling point, was it`s forced 3D isometric perspective that gave the rooms a more realistic look.

The object of the game is for you to first find the wizard of the castle and enter the room he is in when you are in your sabreman form. Out of the cauldron an item will appear. Your mission is to then hunt out this object and place it into the cauldron. Once this has been done, another object that you will have to search out and return will appear. Once you have done this 6 times you will have ridden the werewolf`s curse from your body. Be quick! You only have 40 days and nights to complete the spell.

Knightlore was, and still is regarded as a ground breaking piece of software. The game got rave reviews everywhere with people bowled over with the graphics and new style of gameplay. Apparently Chris and Tim Stamper, authors of the game were heard to mention in a RARE (sorry about that!) interview that they had the routine/game engine up and running for months and could have released it BEFORE Sabre Wulf, but if they did that Sabre Wulf wouldn`t have sold very well. According to the Stampers, the Spectrum world was just not ready for Knightlore until then.

From Ultimate Play the Game – 1984

Written by Chris and Tim Stamper


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