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Four smugglers’ cares are meeting an armoured car carrying drugs – you must stop them and their cargo, and stop the armoured car after it has made its last drop. You score points for capturing the smugglers alive and lose points for shooting innocent motorists. Obey traffic lights, avoid road-works and watch out for pedestrian crossings.

Using the map, go to the city centre and wait for the smugglers’ cars. The supply car circles the block after the “Drugs Exchanged” message, follow the delivery car and bump it into submission – don’t stop for anything!

You are not entirely alone in your mission to quash the evil drug barons: messages from H.Q. occasionally pop up at the bottom of your screen with information on the smugglers’ whereabouts, and the same text area is used for status messages during the game.

The smugglers in ordinary cars can be stopped with a hail of bullets from you Turbo cannon. The baddies are easily identifiable — the delivery cars are blue and the armoured supply car is red.

Don’t be too trigger happy though, more points are won by ramming the smugglers’ vehicles from behind while they are moving. Once a gangster car has taken a battering, the baddies surrender, and you can continue the mission. It’s possible to intercept the armoured supply car at any time, but once the main vehicle has been disabled the supply cars cease operation and there are no more points to be collected.

The smugglers have a number of hit cars, with nifty magenta or purple paintjobs to aid recognition, and their gun-toting passengers are hot on your trail. They roar past you at great speed with guns blazing. If they hit the Lotus, a message flashes onto your console and the car may well go out of control. Alternatively, a stray bullet might be lodged in the engine, which leads to overheating and eventual seizure if you don’t visit a garage and get the engine repaired in time.

The Turbo Esprit, apart from being a very fast motor indeed, has a pull-down map of the city which can be scrolled over the city, and highlights the position of your car as well as the drug baron’s vehicles. Like they say: it’s mean on the streets — be careful out there!

This game is great fun, put simply. Even if you don’t bother knocking out drug cars, just driving around picking up penalty points is fun. The graphics aren’t immediately astounding, but the detail soon becomes apparent, and once it does it’s pretty surprising: pedestrians walk about, cars stop at lights and swerve to avoid roadworks, their indicators work and little men even work on roadlamps! This game is very playable and addictive, but it needs to be played for a good half an hour before all the subtleties become apparent.

taken from the original instructions and review from Crash Magazine.

Game Info:


Durell Software

Written by Mike Richardson

ZX Spectrum 48 K



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