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By Tim Miller (Five Ways Software)

Hill MacGibbon Software – 1985

“The ultimate challenge for middle distance runners: to win the Olympic Gold against the world’s top athletes AND to break the world record in three events – 400m, 800m and 1500m. Run For Gold allows you to train two runners for this task: both a 400m runner and a 800m/1500m runner. There are four major championship finals: first Crystal Palace, then the European Championships, thirdly the World Championships and finally the Olympics. Your runners will have to race in local meets in order to gain entry to each of these finals. But there are forty other runners who share your dream of Olympic Gold. Each runner uses individual, realistic tactics. And, as you improve, so they will improve and the harder it will become to qualify for major championships. As you strive for the world record, so they will also strive for the same goal. The race for gold is on.”

Taken from the original instructions


Summary of keys

SPACE   Highlight options
ENTER   Chooses highlighted option

In the race:
Q       Start the runner
O       Increase pace
N       Decrease pace
I       Steer left
P       Steer right
E       Check your position
CAPS A  Reselect option / start program


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